Bowl work, 2019
Tupperware bowl with food residue, spoon, KFC receipt, car rental receipt, Selleys kwik grip, supermarket brochures, nails, acrylic paint, paper, various food packaging, aluminium foil, cigarettes, hair, ballpoint pen, facial wipe, corrugated cardboard, cigarette packaging, promotional flyer, MDF board with wood backing

Gold painting, 2019
acrylic paint, MDF board with wood backing

whiskas, 2019
Spray paint, blister pack, plastic cutlery, house paint, Selleys kwik grip, magazine, sanitary pad, corrugated cardboard, mayonnaise, cigarettes, plastic packing tape, food packaging, blank disc sleeve, facial wipe, plastic pharmaceuticals bottle, paper, material off cut, latex glove, cat food packaging, gelatin capsule, hair, MDF board with wood backing

Asthma pump, 2019
asthma pump, dirt, house paint, aluminum foil, PVA glue, Selleys kwik grip, zip lock bag, dried lemon, various food packaging, MDF board with wood backing