A company u 3men the directors and aleksz the 1 secretary and yeah get a Nab business cheque account and option for the 20cents fee per negative transaction withdrawaling payments like eftpos card payments u need 50 payments attracting or counting with the additional 20cent fee to be on par with the other choices 10dollars per month so iv u only do up to 49 payments in one month u only get charged $9.80c AUD for that months bank fees (the20c x49) and results is cheaper then the 10dollar a month no 20cent fee for withdrawals the better financial move option for the 20cper debit payment from account so when the bca business cheque account is used to pay for something the 20cent extra bank fee is worth it and just keep spends under 50 per month so 50 or less eftpos payments like expense for canvasses for example just guzzler gallery related only expenditure thpugh yeah think iv ypu 4 invest ten dollars each so I get 40 dollars how I can setup a direct debit every fortnight to direct credit your guzzler gallery bcaccount each fortnight with a free 3cents revenue accounted as that iv u have in same period 0$ expenses then it is a 3cent profit though iv u paid 1cent to tax office it would techmicallybe too much though per year 3cents a fortnight equals exact x26fortnights a year equals 78cents a year revenue and iv u made an extra 22cents revenue from like people paying into guzzler gallery bca business cheque account the one nil bullscrypt helping out with not just money though members or interested peoples key access excel spreadsheet like data u could charge just 1cent transfer to the guzzler gallery bca and make it a goal to annually have only 22x 1cent person exteria guest direct credit so each yeah for accountancy u get 22cents admission revenue and my 3c pfn so 78cents per year sponsorship credit so 1 dollar revenue legal truthfully reality only 1 dollar and iv there is zero outgoings that year so 0$ expenses that 1 dollar is then profit and since it is 1dollar profit and due to being a company entity then you would only be liable the 30cent$ (30% of all profit$) to the taxman ato… Though yeah just say u made $110.00c AUD in guzzler gallery revenue and was all profit only $33 would be taxed and you would get to keep the remaining $77 in account. Iv yousz 3 and aleksz 1 forge a legal company entity financial entity being a company owning 100% guzzler gallery and all related money and responsibility or could english linguist as a company registered with ASIC that is limited in liability to only that what arises from Guzzler Gallery and any credits created generated manifested recieved paid gotten well guzzlergallery Pty Ltd would be responsible liable and royalitys entitled too all related $$$$ Once gotten a ABN or ? Unsure though maybe companys get an ACN instead of an abn thpugh unsure maybe ask rCo ross though yeah to register company need to visit the government site for ASIC Australian securities and investments commission. Register guzzler gallery as a PTY LTD company and get an NAB business cheque account to serve as its bank account. Each company to xzyst needs 3 directors and 1 secratary thpugh the secratary could be from the 3 director though yousz could make it so u have 4 directors and 1 secratary or 4 secratarys though unsure of complications of such though defs to forge company basic minimum requirements is 3directors & 1acting person as secretary. And ato commitments only 30% of all company profit not revenue ! So profit revenue less expenses equals profit loss and only taxes 30cents of every dollar of profit not of losses though that equates 15cents out of every 50cents profit? Once u got a company business cheque account with nab and chosen the 20cents per withdrawal fee option just keep withdrawal payments expense($) to under 50 individual lessening bank account (expenses) per month to make it financially better off paying the 20cents x under 50 payments instead of the unlimited no 20c fee though ten dollars a month bank fee that is 120dollars a year to loose and better the other way round my opinion. Luke!Alex!aleksz all 4 of yousz paid me 10dollars each so 40dollars I’d verbally textually here in msg agree to direct crediting your guzzlers gallery company 3cent$ per fortnight forever iv I get to keep the 40aud thpugh forever every fortnight guzzler gallery would get a free 3cents gift moneys direct credited from me unless I repay seperately the 40 (or10each of yousz 4) though yeah is minimum. Iv yousz paid me 100dollars each so $400 then I’d transfer direct credit guzzler gallery 30cents per fortnight each and every fortnight as gift sponsorship some transaction legitamizer reason for credit each fortnight of 3c per 40aud invested per fortnight (from my centrelink paymemt)… I’d use that 40 for this current financials being:the $25 I need to go with this 11dolls I got to Male 36dollars to purchase the 12x$3canisters of 500ml v for rest of fortnight and then the 15 dollars I’d use to maybe finance me photocopying the original first 3 display books that havent neen educated yet like the 9th display book and that of the unfinished 10th display book. And the rosanna address 8th or 7th of the 10 display book needs another 9 pages created drawn up written only at the rosanna address to be fully completed. The tenth display book only needs no more then 35 more a4 pages of artwork mypenship scribble $ The legitimate reason for me paying guzzler gallery’$ NAB Business Cheque Account ((NAB):(BCA)) the 3cents per fortnight (or $3 pfn iv $4k invested!!!!) Though yeah could be accounted and ledgered as the cost tribute expense for me and revenue for guzzler gallery maybe excuse or descryptive as the fortnightly fee to have some of my business cards tendered made visible and available for guests to take 1 or something maybe better is an ultimate billboard glass protective enclosure that has business cards displayed for others to sight and take notes from though zero extra cards are available for others to take one only because it is for a set and forget setup system of just one business card from each person company business financial and or collective entity’s that have supported or some affiliation or association to the guzzler gallery so like a business card window rental for the 3cents a fortnight or I could transfer 1dollar and be owed the 97cent$ difference per fortnight though thatd be stupid for company tax reasons thpugh I like and am interested in the acquisition of only ten dollars from each of you 4 to make the 40 needed for me to direct credit this future company rosanna address guzzler gallery PTY (up2andLess then 50 entity’s is signalled by the pty suffix) Ltd ((Limited)limited liability) only liable and responsible for the business and undertakings of such preluded the LTD entity stamp anyway yousz 4 should form forge a company today ! This Monday file all the necessary forms the registering of company name isnt necessary iv u do not care iv someone else thieves the title guzzler gallery by not registering with entity outside government u save the 100 or 120ish dollars though yeah when registering setting up ABN or acn the submitted name on those forms are protected or encased as your own given no other person before you applied for abn acn useing guzzler gallery like rco Ross’s cutout cut out was someone elses registered legal signed up to government. Signup to asic.gov?.au. Don’t sign up as a sole trader instead register and form a company of exclusively you 3 males and 1 Alexandra female as the secretary or add her as well as a 4th director as then you could to ensure all revenue made into profit?$ to ensure no 30% of profit going to taxman ato well u could make it company policy that every revenue dollar that exceeds the expenses total to be cyphened off into the directors pockets via company directors fees that make it fair as like 25cents of each dollar that surpluses expenditure that would count as profit iv directors fee$ not an added expense for company though say theres a hundred dollars revenue for the whole year and iv not counting rent as expense though could thpugh then its income for yousz renting and I think it counts as subletting so cant really do it legally though just say guzzler gallery made 100dollars revenue from gifted moneys and entrance fees viewing fee$ that one year july1st2020 till june30th2021 well aside thegizzler gallery artist support payments expense$ like kmart canvasses for artist to draw paint on just say you only spent 20dollars that year on expenses and had the 100dollars revenue and posed a 80dollar profit well you would before accounting period dates calandar square passed have an inclusion on expenses bas being done tors fees $20 each so x4 to absorb that 80 would have been profit thpugh instead the company has a 0profit/loss. Though u could make instead of 80 directors fees make it only 19dollars each so there xzysts the profit of 4dollars so 400cents then the 30% tax implyed occurs and you pay $1.20c AUD tax and the guzzler gallery bcaccount keeps the $2.80c AUD left over? unfree.coffeecup.com