Merlin Carpenter
Room Based

Rosanna, Victoria, Australia
26 June–12 July 2021

Be a person, or a conventional reversal. An emphasis. Room Based can stoned. Notes from Merlin Carpenter / Tomas Rydin chat. Not the thing. The work that is not the work. Responsibility is not in the room but not a drift towards lazy emptying, it is a pre-. It is a general strike, it’s self-respect. Going from room to room or try to reproduce original conversation at The Pride of Spitalfields – as fictional last room.

Warhol’s Silver Clouds.

Walking into rooms without fixing points. How many videos have you seen that WEREN’T Room Based? Hedge fund-era giant fixie point. Room, Room Based press release. Placeholder. Most important thing title and -based, yet Room Based art does not refer to free floating air- detached from any supporting fixing points, or does it? However, it walks sands of filler-covered voids of meeting of MC and TR in The Pride of Spitalfields 2018. Second meeting Serpentine Gallery Merlin’s first notes. Specifism, free from being labelled an installation, free until until post-Room Based movements after us will have to tidy up whatever mess we will have created in there unnatural leap to the existing entire show. Vienna 1995. Fixing the roof to the wall. For this weight, it is a fixing point, not a hanging point.

Elements that go through walls in an angular way. That’s not Room! Or is it? Tomas Rydin did the first Room Based by raising the Rollaversion Gallery by a foot, 2017. Voiding the room new one. Merlin Carpenter did the second Room Based for his show ‘archive élastique’ in Delme, is a virus. The only way of defeating it is to moment whether this tone of the press release. E.g. let idea out but not push too hard or embarrass ourselves.) (In end at pub. The work, think it’s their idea etc.). Landfill indie pre-Room Based (Room Based pulls in its pre-history) or is this a Manifesto? Only now. But Room Based sucks in all other reality anyway. Room Based is (just naming what’s already there?) And art movement similar to Cubism. Join us. Anyway you don’t have a choice. It is simply the way of leaving the room. Of keeping the intentions, leaving the be about the room. There is no room.

Both our notes, fractured?

Maybe it is a conversation happening (outside Rollaversion).

– Merlin Carpenter & Tomas Rydin

This press release is shared with the Room Based exhibition by Tomas Rydin at TELEPHONE.WORKS, London.