PAGE 30 & 31:

RE: NURGLE THE GREAT UNCLEAN ONE. Open unclean belly like Nurgel. cliche mummy in the corner of the slot right side near the piss or black fluid stained fountain of a spider. What is the orange red and yellow ?!! Is it skinned animal and or burns deceased dumptd human body ? Bodies??? Its not margaretta pizza or tomato paste ?!!! Is it organic? Or a fungi ? Is it what ? Dumptd KFC pieces steroided? Is it selamenella’ed flesh ? selamenela primer? what is that orange red yellow animal organs? pig hearts? some unclean materialization of clean not = an unclean spirit ? or is it a doona cover ? is it rock ? stone ? or grot ? xzystan+c= of a unclean spirit ? Is it a blanket design or insulation that has drawn up and saturated itself? condensed?denesifyed?the image is a perfect depiction of Nurgle one of the 4 chaos greater demons/z in warhammer and warhammer40k chaos race is basically a hell ×2y$+^||+€=


Looking at this 1 picture of 3 bottles or containers of did firstly think was drain cleaner or laundry product though after sighting again and glimpsing the labels at a distance the three bottles containers are that of I guess generically called titled MOTOR OIL though yeah I would inmagine that they are all empty and almost of no use as water bottles for human consumption of internal fluid and or useless for Gardening or anything other then swash or vomit clean or reduce eye sore fluids?


The image on this page seams to be the exact same as the page 95 one though there maybe small differences that I haven’t noted or detected though Dr. D.R.C.H. did just say that the image on page 97 has been zoomed in or something that my observation didn’t detect or example my attention to detail.


Here on this page number 140 there is two images one with low light and the other with more lighting turned on though both pages are of tables in the centre of a carpark underground at first sight it reminded me of an operating table either that of labboddomy neuro surgery now allowed under the newer Mental Health Act 2014 along with unconscious frothing zaps/z termed and legalised as a psychiatric treatment option for Psychiatrists to dispense like water to Algerians or Ethiopians? also looks like a table that my parents got for me to use for a market stall to help display goods and a tangible something for trade and market sales to happen across though the $20 a day for a few metres cubed to setup a stall well that as a sinking fund I did not have the motivation to attempt to sell wares mainly purchased off eBay…

PAGE NUMBERS 136 & 137:

Now the Dr. next to me is showing me a page out of sequential order as it’s a few pages before the previously commented on page of similar photo though this one on pages 136 and 137 that is blowed up and seams to be the one that was more dimly lit though yeah anyhow it still reminds me and only connected record data information felt or thought when I sight it other then atrocity of now allowed legally Neurourgery without consent and without disclosure to the inpatient/person in psychiatric hospital like Maroondah in Ringwood East (The Dr.’s parents moved to such suburb in mid late 2000s). the operating table that doesn’t carry the fun and usefulness? Wrong descryption or application of adjectives or verbs nouns the only types of words in English other then actual names being PRO-NOUNS. connection to currency and the idea of that company that may or may not go broke being AMP Capital or some other nominees company to disguise a major shareholder in certain blue chip or beast? roman coin? duopoly schemers or scammers like the directors and advisors of the late now delisted from the asx:TEN = Ten Network Holdings Limited = that each share first every ten shares became only 1 share then after that consolidation (where 6,321 x TEN ordinary shares became 633 x TEN ordinary shares then I was issued a enveloped letter containing the information that each asx:TEN ordinary share that I owned (being the 633 x TEN:asx) was given “nil” “nil consideration”. I had to loose my shares in that media company and I was given NO MONEY FOR PREVIOUSLY INVESTING OVER A GRAND AFTER SELLING THE MAJORITY OF MY SHARES IN THAT COMPANY SO I ONLY HAD A $20.00c AUD share holding that afterwards due to a haunt thought of a upcoming 4cent dividend with shares priced at only 20cents ish.

PAGE NUMBERS 44, 45, 46 & 47:

Dr. D.R.C.H did show me first an image on page 45 that my first spoken comment was: “something Niall’s something” (only due to my knowledge of the KFC MSG seasoning vital of secrety special recipe that is not to be public or anyone outside the NYSE:YUM Brands! over the page (page 46) there is the same box of KFC MSG seasoning though on this page 46 there are two images of the same box of KFC MSG seasoning. (Dr. D.R.C.H quoted “popcorn chickhen”.) due to the dual images on the following or page or pages, pages later is a sign for duplication, Wonka vision, radioactive? like how that 1 huge moth was hitting my parents slideing door’s window and due to the transmission tower nearby split into 2 moths. deemed nonsense and prerequisite criteria meeter for being like myself a diagnosed Schizophrenic anyhow heaps more people came into this room and I am worried about my fresh new unopened deck of JPS Red 26s that better be in my pocket though only paranoid about it because an active thief at this party has made one of the girls loose her mobile phone.

SUNDAY THE 31st of MAY 2020



DR. D.R.C.H. & THIS JULY 3RD ?? 2500 AUD $$

July 3rd 2017 = I was hit crossing Burwood Hwy from the Dawson St Maxi Foods side of road corner on the pedestrian crossing though due to beginning crossing late for a about to leave bus the indication person was flashing red yet I still crossed and then when i reached within a metre of the station side of the crossing a VW polo? or golf VW silver with black trim hit me at over 80kmh and i woke up 2 metres from where I was hit and blacked out and one of my shoes was near the sherbrooke market sign that corner of the intersection so yeah lucky as fruit to wake up after a kinetic caused black out giving thanks to God that my face was shredded or damageaged just had soreness and fractured my right foot again though due to beign on the AAAA well pain was only a soreness rather then a I HAVE TO GO TO HOSPITAL also the fear and hatred for hospital that i now have i didnt even want to visit the GP i collected my belongings scattered along the road and then caught the gobsmacked driver-ed bus the 732 just after 530pm ish that what ever day it was though I know it was July The 3rd 2017……